Pricing method 

Every job is different. PWH is not able to ensure a fixed price for all of the projects. Every client needs to send us an e-mail before we can send a quotation. The client will be kindly asked to share with PWH his address, postal code and city.

We will use this information to inspect the area and to make sure that we have hoses long enough to connect to the water. It is also important for us to know if you have a water connection in the garden or inside the house and if your garden has a drain system. We will also ask for 2-3 recent pictures of the surface that needs cleaning. After we receive the information above, we will send you a quote in less than 24 hours. 

Our price is based on M2 and how dirty is the surface that we need to clean. All of our prices are in euro and we have a starting price of 100 € excluding VAT which includes the related square meters -- the smallest price among our competitors in Noord Holland! Plus, there is no travel cost involved for you. We do not accept cash payments. 

Are you happy with the quote? Then we will plan together what day and time fit you best. Do you need urgent cleaning? Maybe you plan to have a party or you are selling your property. PWH can make it happen without any extra cost!