Our work 

See some examples of our work below.

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Garden tiles

The client contacted us to restore his garden. Because the summer is knocking on the door, he wished to have a clean garden for his one-year old daughter. PWH was there to make the client's dream come true!

Garden tiles

The client renovated his home and didn't even know is a tile design in his garden. The customer was happy with his new looking garden. 


We are happy to share the first callback from one of our customers. In just 10 minutes the wooden cabin from his garden was restored to its original glory. 

Gutter cleaning

The client called us to report that his gutter was overflowing every time it was raining. We mobilized our equipment and came to his help. After we installed the scaffold, we found an entire ecosystem up there. 

Facade cleaning 

Our most challenging  job so far is done. We believed it an easy job, but turned out to be one of the hardest. And no, we did not forget the rust stain. We will be back with the perfect solution.